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Most important of all aspects of heat is hydration. When hydrating for a run, the previous days are just as crucial as the day itself. Prepare for your runs ahead of time by drinking plenty of water. While it is recommended to consume 8 cups of water a day, on hot days, runners will need to consume more than that. During a run, either carry water or make sure you run near areas that you can access water in an emergency- parks, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. Make sure you keep the electrolytes up also!



Most hot days also have lots of sun! Running in the sun effectively adds 10+ degrees to what the thermometer reads. Wear lightweight, moisture wicking clothing to help stay cool. Some running apparel will also have UV resistance, called UPF, to prevent the sun’s rays from hitting your body. Sunscreen is still important at all times of the year. Wearing sunglasses, such as Tifosi, will help with keeping your eyes safe from the UV rays. Also, try to find some shade to run in, and take breaks in the shade if you start to overheat.



If you start to overheat while you run, stop running immediately, and find some shade to cool off and drink some water. Some symptoms of overheating include feeling nauseous, lightheadedness, and no longer producing sweat. Don’t be afraid to call it quits early- cutting one run short is more important than your health. Make sure you have emergency contacts you can call, just in case you need picked up early. Take advantage of some of the new features of running watches- Garmin’s Forerunner 220, 620, and 920XT have live tracking capabilities so your loved ones can keep track of you and make sure you are safe!


We wish all of you the best of luck in your training and racing endeavors in hot weather. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about working out in extreme heat.


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