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Getting ready for your next big fitness feat—whether it’s a local marathon or an Ironman triathlon—is both an exhilarating and energy-consuming endeavor. In many cases, you eat, sleep, and breathe your training regimen—you have such tunnel vision on your end goal that you see almost nothing else.


Though the pursuit of personal goals is certainly healthy for your mind, body, and spirit, it can take its toll on your relationship, which is also very important in your life. This is particularly true if you and your significant other are not training together. He or she can feel left out of your life and it can lead to relationship stress.


There are ways to train hard and still foster a healthy relationship, however. Take a look at just a few of them below, followed by some suggestions for further reading.


Include Your Significant Other

When possible, train together. If he or she does not have the same fitness goals as you, find a few times per week to go to the gym together and work on your parallel goals. If your significant other has no interest in fitness pursuits, invite him or her to your events and plan fun outings that accompany them. Make the effort to include the other person and it will make a huge difference in how left out they feel.


Show Interest in Their Hobbies Too

Just as you should try to include your partner in your training routine, you should look for ways to be part of their interests as well. Participate in your partner’s interests by joining them, asking questions, or learning more on your own.


Be Accommodating

Instead of telling your partner when you will be training, have a conversation about it. Ask when the best times are for both of your schedules. This is especially important if you have children and your partner will be on child duty while you are away. If there is a time that your partner requests that you not be training, try to honor it and look for an alternative time instead. Setting and meeting goals is all about self-empowerment, but being in a relationship requires compromise and team work. Keep a healthy balance of both for both you and your partner’s sake.


Carve Out Time Together

Schedule time to be together that has nothing to do with your training routine. Go out to dinner or a movie, or even just take a walk around the neighborhood. Show that your relationship is also important enough to make it on your calendar, and then follow through. Setting aside time for your partner shows that he or she is a priority to you.

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