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Trail Running 101


Venturing out onto the trails for the first time? Trail running is different from road running in many ways. So, take a look at our crash course so you don’t crash and burn on your next trail run.


Respect the Trails

Rule Number 1 of trail running is respect the trails. Trail running poses more hazards than running on the roads. You never know what to expect on the trails- roots, rocks, and wildlife can change the course of your run in a hurry. Even if you run the same trail fairly often, weather can affect the footing of the trail and dislodge rocks and trees. If you don’t respect the trails, they will come back to bite you- whether it is a bad run, a fall, or worse!


Pack in, pack out

When you head out on the trails, always take out anything you bring in. Do not leave behind a trace other than footprints. Taking any trash with you keeps the trails in good condition and useable for years to come.


Do not explore unmarked trails

Many trails run through ecological reserves, especially in Southern California. If the trail isn’t marked, it is for a reason. Most often it is to protect the environment, so keep it protected! Sometimes it is also for your safety- you don’t want to end up lost in an unknown environment.


Wildlife is exactly that- WILD

Remember, you are venturing into the natural habitat of many different creatures. Know the local wildlife and how to safely run near them. Snakes, mountain lions, bears, and others can be dangerous. Stay safe and don’t approach any wildlife- you don’t want to scare them!


Always help out a fellow trail runner

Every so often, something goes wrong on the trail- you fall, get lost, etc. When you come across another runner going through a struggle, help get them back to civilization safely. Trail running is a friendly community, and you never know when you will need the help, so pay it forward and help your fellow runners!


Now get out there and start exploring!  Happy Trails to you!

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