google206ed23200036d9e.html 5 KEYS TO EFFECTIVE GOAL SETTING


Setting Goals is a big part of any successful training program.  If your running has hit a slump lately maybe all you need is a great goal!   Try these hints for setting goals that will help you get to the finish line.



1. Your Goals Should be Very Specific and Measurable

Example: My goal is to complete this year’s Rock n’ Roll Marathon in 3:55.A vague, unspecific goal would be “I want to kick butt in this year’s Rock n’ Roll Marathon.” The clearer and more specific the goal, the better it is at propelling you forward.


2. Your Goals Should Have a Time Frame

Example: My goal is to run a 5K in 22:30 by this October. Without a time frame, there is nothing to challenge you to attain your goal because you can keep putting it off.


3. Your Goals Should be Stated in the Positive

Example: My goal is to run every day for the month of September. Stated in the negative this would be: My goal is to not miss any running days in September. Positive goals create a positive frame of mind.


4. Your Goals Should be Challenging

The purpose of a goal is to stretch you. It should not be easy but at the same time your goal should be realistic and not too far out of your reach that it is impossible.


5. Your Goals Should Hold you Accountable

Some people do this by telling others of their goals or posting on Facebook.


Other people are a bit more private about it but those that are successful usually will write the goals down and place in a prominent place for a constant reminder. It is too easy to lose focus, make excuses and blow it off if you don’t have some form of accountability.

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