Absolutely love the Running Center!! I started running about 7 years ago and got away with ordering random shoes online thinking I would save a few bucks.  Eventually injuries started creeping in and I knew I needed expert help.  The staff at the Running Center got me into the best shoe for my gait/pronation/miles/surface and it was like a miracle!! What a difference the right shoe makes!  Since then, I have come in with various questions on my running aches and pains and the staff have always been able to help me figure out the issue.  (The latest was IT band problems and Doreen help me zero in on the issue...I had changed my route to road running that was always cambered on one side! Changed my route and fixed it!)  


Just a couple weeks ago I brought my teen son in.  He is new to running and thought I was ridiculous for insisting on getting fit for the best shoe.  It was a game changer for him (they even had his size 15's in stock!). He absolutely can't believe what a difference the right shoe makes.  


Even though I get the same shoe every time, I will always buy them from the Running Center (never online again!).  I value their expertise so much that I would never buy a running shoe from any place else!

Heather P, Yelp review  10/05/2020

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