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California Consumer Privacy Act

Running Center is dedicated to the privacy and security of the data we manage. We have and will continue to devote resources to maintaining the highest levels of compliance with regard to all applicable laws and regulations, including most recently the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Read more about CCPA.


CCPA Compliance

At Running Center our platform supports the obligations as outlined by CCPA.  We will respond to a consumer’s CCPA request within 7 days of a CCPA request received from the consumer. All requests will be completed within 45 days unless we notify the customer prior to the end of that deadline.  


Types of Requests:

  • Request to disclose the personal information collected

  • Request to delete personal information collected

  • Request for personal information collected/shared or sold for business purposes

It is important to note, Running Center does not sell or share your personal data. 


How to submit a request:

Requests can be submitted here, or by calling our support line at 877-509-1122, ext 5.


Additional Important Information

Running Center shall refrain from discriminating against California Residents who exercise any of their CCPA consumer rights.
Running Center does not sell personal information about California residents or any of our consumers. Any updates to this policy will be communicated on this page.

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